Zvetan Naydenov EOOD is founded in 1993. During the years the management realized its vision that the people are the most important asset of the company and today we have some of the best installation teams in Europe.

The scope of activities includes:
1. Installation of industrial reservoirs
2. Building of industrial steel constructions
3. Repairing, reconstruction and replacement of pipelines with 100% graphic control of the welding works
4. Installation of all kinds of industrial equipment including:

    Screening installations, transporting systems, industrial filters
    Vacuum installations
    Steam accumulators and steam generators
    Automated systems for production management

5. Auto and railway scales
6. Construction of gas and methane stations
7. Hydro isolation of roofs and foundations
8. Design and construction of villas and buildings
9. Housing repairing and conclusive construction works

For completion of this activity our company has all needed licenses and certificates.